We made it!

Audrie gave me the title, thinking about it; did my wife expect we wouldn’t,  was there an option? Not really, planning the route down to NZ was 1/10 local knowledge from MetBob and 4/10ths “I know how to plan a route”,  the other half was Jeez we didn’t expect this, that wasn’t on the gribs, what the ……, it’s a fickle stretch of the South Pacific. One week transit from Minerva and we are trussed like a “good un” to the “Q” dock in Opua. NZ is a milestone on our trip, it’s half way, it’s home for 4 months, we have a few floors we hope we can sleep on, you know who you are and we’re coming to your town soon!


Opua arrival, check out the rock to the right, “we’re gonna need a bigger boat”

We had a bit of everything on the way down under, sun, rain, flat calm, not so flat and downright ugly stuff. The water down here isn’t heated either, it got down to 13 degrees at one point, I had to post the kids on the bows to keep a lookout for growlers! Must swot down upon my fahrenheit conversions, it’s been a while. During the flat calm we had a visit from a family of Mahi Mahi, beautiful fish in the water, that apparently mate for life, unless of course some uncaring fisherman, not me teddy, drags him out of his element, squirts rum down his throat and then slices and dices him for sashimi, would I do that? I feel a photo coming on. We expected to catch up with the migrating whales, not all plans come to fruition, ner a whale or dolphin did we see, perhaps they will come and visit us next time round.


Beautiful Mahi Mahi, “en famille”


Delicious Mahi Mahi, “sans famille”

Quarantine, we are not clean, separated from the Marina’s elite on our own pontoon, the bar is 30 meters away and I can hear the cold beer flowing from the tap, not tonight Josephine.  At least we have some privacy, although it looks like being a prolonged affair, we got here after 17-00hrs and I’m guessing tomorrow will be the day. We heard via VHF today that one boat was put out to anchor because they found a cockroach, must have been a big bastard, maybe he was French, the cockroach of course, :-), yes you have history here and the Kiwis won’t forget it! Either way we are scouring the lockers, etc. making sure that we are beastie free for the big occasion. In the meantime we are to be treated as Lepers, no shore leave, no ablutions, no visiting native canoes offering fresh fruit, trinkets or heaven forbid carnal pleasures.  Captain Cook would have had a few words I’m sure.

The boys are happy, happy, this is a country with proper food, pizza, real milk, english speaking kids and most importantly, internet, saints preserve us, have they learned nothing in 18 months? If you’re playing “Clash of the Clans” or “Minecraft”, lookout the “KID” is back online, and he’s looking for revenge!


Boys are back in town

The Deckhand and the Domestic Goddess will push the other boat out tonight and crack the last bottle of Champagne to toast our arrival, no the boys do not drink with us, it’s not that bloody relaxed……yet! Heck if I can locate the bottle of MacCallan I might give that a nudge as well, although the D.G. is a devious stasher of the Deckhands’ delicacies, it shouldn’t be that difficult, I have a nose for these things.


Happy days indeed!


MacCallan retrieved, shhhhh!

The boat has been great, we have arrived safely and in comfort, I have the usual lists to get stuck into, but only 362 items this time!!!!! You laugh, it’s probably more than that if I add my wish list as well.

Here’s wishing all our buddy boats to follow that you have a safe passage, family and friends tip a glass and we’ll see you in a few years XX

17 thoughts on “We made it!

  1. Bloody fabulous! Welcome to the pointy end of town!!! You are there now!! Wishing you all you wish yourselves!! Wonderful!!!! And all of the above! Cheers !! From Rob and I who you met in Bonaire who were with Toucan!

    • Thanks Rob and Penny! We’re very happy to be here!! Sail down was much calmer than expected thanks to clever weather routing Seathan did ! Take care and hopefully see you sometime while we are in these regions ! Xx

  2. Bloody well done you lot! Must be a great feeling . So hope we can catch up. Enjoy your achievement.πŸ»πŸ·πŸŸπŸ—πŸŒž

  3. You’re obviously having a wonderful time of it. Enjoy New Zealand. I have a soft spot for the Kiwis. Thanks to the Maoris’ resisting the British and forcing the Treaty of Waitangi they seem to be treated with more respect than the Aborigines here in Aus. What were the winds and seas when you had it rough, out of curiosity.


    Ken Case

    M: (+61) 408 085 730 E: kencase@bigpond.com


    • Hi Ken! Seas were fine. We had one day of uncomfortable and confused sea state (on the beam) but never had more than 25 knots (and we are used to more!). We heard many other boats who arrived at the same time complain about very rough weather and luckily (thanks to Seathan’s clever weather routing) we missed that altogether!

  4. Well done Seathan and Audrie! Fantastic to hear you are safely to New Zealand, especially as that was a trickier sail than the normal island hopping. On a wet and wintry morning in Blighty (like this morning), it’s always warming to pop into your blog and look at a few pictures of turquoise waters and your well worn tans. Impressive fishing – not sure I’d catch one of those on the Norfolk Broads.. maybe a pike?
    Did I mention I have an Aunt and Uncle and 4 cousins living in and around Wellington…? I’m sure I could connect you if you need some local knowledge or even a bed to stay. I hear some of them even have wi-fi…
    I guess the RWC will be inescapable now as the kiwi’s are probably still celebrating. Missed you cheering Scotland on against the Aussies – a moment of near perfect glory snatched, but that’s another discussion for another day. Have fun in NZ – watch out for the smelly sulphur pools – I hear that’s where they shove the unclean…!

    • Hi Pete ! Great to hear from you! Arriving in the bay of island somehow reminded us of the Solent on a beautiful day… I guess it was the drop in temperature more than anything!
      Audrie and the boys xx

  5. Congratulations Audrie and Seathan, and the kids too of course! We’ve been avidly following your wonderful journey from here in Switzerland. We so enjoy the posts and its just as exciting and inspiring for us still ‘armchair-sailors-but working-on-the-dream’, following your track from where we last saw you in Las Palmas! All the best to you and thanks for all the interesting posts and lovely photos so far!
    Tania & Lorenzo

    • Thanks Tania, it’s been a heck of a year and we are ready for some R and R over the following summer months, we hope we are still on the high seas when you finally get free πŸ™‚
      all the best to you both.

  6. Alas the 1/2 way mark is checked off… bitter sweet to be sure. … and then you head east again next season? We are now parked where you started: in Turkey. Excited to get back to Golden Glow in a few months and then turn around and start the long trek west to where you are now. Unfortunately, as nice is Turkey is, it is no NZ: magical in so many ways.
    Wish we were there with you to catch some summer.
    Rand and Ellen.

    • Hi Ellen and Rand! Great to hear from you and hope you’re enjoying your little break! We’re in NZ for 5 months or so until it’s safe to head back into the Pacific and then we plan to do Fiji, New Cal and Vanuatu next year. We are slowing down a bit now after 18 months racing half way round so hopefully you can catch us up !! Lots of love from the four of us x

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