A visit to Waitangi

Last week we rented a car and drove to Waitangi Treaty Grounds. This is the place where Maori chiefs first signed their accord with the British Crown in 1840. We visited the historic Treaty House, with magnificent carvings, set in beautiful surroundings with panoramic views of the Bay of Islands. Also within the grounds is the Waka House that shelters the world’s largest ceremonial war canoe. This waka is 35 metres long and needs minimum 76 paddlers to handle it. Apparently Princess Di was the only women ever to set foot on board.

After three weeks in the Bay of Islands we are ready to slowly start making our way to Auckland. We managed to complete a few boat jobs in Opua and Seathan has spent quite a few hours up the mast servicing the rigging. It’s been fun for the boys to hang out with other boat kids but we feel ready to explore some more of NZ now and we are really looking forward to see my brother and his family who are coming over in a couple of weeks. It will be more than a year since we last saw each other so that will be one happy reunion! 

Waitangi Treaty Grounds and Waka House


two waka


great carvings


the flagstaff marks the spot where the treaty was signed in 1840


springtime in NZ!


beautiful views over the Bay of Islands


Maori ceremony


after the show


the anchorage in Opua


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