Even though I have never been here before, arriving in Auckland felt a bit like coming home. The very warm welcome our dear old friends Mark and Michelle gave us probably had something to do with that…

We reversed Rehua into a very tight berth at Westhaven marina on Friday morning and a bit later Mark and the kids came onboard to welcome us. How wonderful it felt to be reunited with such good friends. Mark and Michelle really spoiled us rotten this weekend with food, taxi services, tour guiding and generally looking after us. On Saturday morning, Michelle and I hit the town to go shopping (a birthday treat to myself). We started at 10 am, had Japanese for lunch, then did some more shopping, then had a beer to refresh ourselves, then some more shopping and then finally a 30-minute massage at a walk-in Chinese place. Perfect day. In the evening Mark and Michelle took us out for dinner at their local Indian. Delicious food! On Sunday morning, Michelle drove me to the supermarket and I made the most of her taxi services and stocked up on as much beer and wine we could manage and of course some food too! In the afternoon we chilled at their lovely house overlooking Judges Bay and in the evening they whisked us off to a classical concert inside a vineyard just outside of Auckland. The kids were allowed to run around the vines and had a ball while we sat on our picnic blankets sipping wine and tasting Michelle’s delicious home made pie! What a perfect weekend!

Yesterday morning we moved Rehua from Westhaven to Orakei marina where we managed to find a berth for the holiday period. It’s a smaller and friendlier marina in a nicer part of town so we’re very happy we managed to get a space here! Merry Christmas everyone!


Hole in the wall, on our way from the Bay of Islands to Auckland


Quick stop in Tutukaka, Rehua anchored in the bay


Arrival in Auckland!


The view from Westhaven Marina


Ready to run down the ramp


Auckland lit up for Christmas


Mark and Michelle’s beautiful house!


…and their street, overlooking Judges bay


Classical Christmas concert at a vineyard. The Christmas carols felt really out of place during a summer picnic!


Kids playing and running through the vines


Michelle’s delicious homemade pie


Action over Auckland with a helicopter rescue practice as we move from Westhaven to Orakei marina


Ready for the flying fox. There’s a great playground close to the marina


Our view from Orakei marina: spacious, quiet and wonderful. We’re very lucky to have found a berth in Auckland for the holiday period!


Okahu bay with Orakei marina and the city in the background


5 thoughts on “Auckland

  1. Hi guys, I’m Tim, a good friend of Mark and Michelle. Have been following your blog since Galapagos, Mark put me onto it and I’ve been following ever since. Love your adventure.
    We are Auckland based yachties so if you need any local knowledge on cruising grounds, good tradies to work on the boat, etc let me know.
    We will be cruising the Gulf this summer, starting on 27 Dec in our boat, Spearhead. Would be great to catch up.
    Cheers, Tim

  2. Bonjour de Paris de José et Catherine “Saudade”
    Bonne et heureuse année nous rentons à Auckland fin Janvier
    José et Catherine

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