We were hunkered down in Huruhi Bay, Waiheke on New Year’s Eve with plenty of chain out and all the clears up. The wind and rain kept coming on New Year’s Day and the day after… It was kind of cozy though and we made the most of getting some R&R. Yesterday the sun finally made a re-appearance so we headed over to Man O’ War Bay. There’s a great vineyard there and we tasted some delicious Waiheke wines. The kids had a run around and even had a go at cricket. This morning the wind direction changed so we crossed the Waiheke channel to nearby Rotoroa Island where we found shelter.

Rotoroa has an interesting history. For over 100 years it was owned by the Salvation Army and served as an alcoholic and drug rehabilitation centre with no access for the general public. (No….. the Skipper is back on the boat, you smart people!) Since a few years the island is being turned into a unique nature conservation park including a wildlife sanctuary. It is now fully open to the public and has beautiful sandy beaches, picnic benches everywhere and wonderful walking trails that take you to several great viewpoints.

We certainly enjoyed our walk after being inside for a few days and the sun came out too! Happy 2016 everyone!


enjoying the view, Waiheke in the background


family selfie


happy boys


the anchorage at Rotoroa


Pohutukawa trees everywhere


great clouds!

4 thoughts on “Rotoroa

    • hi James! It’s a cockpit enclosure made of see-through material . Keeps us dry in the cockpit and therefore gives us extra space when the weather is bad ! Lots of love from us all xx

  1. AHA!! – was a bit concerned – 45 kts sounds pretty blowy – and “Bay” sounds somewhat exposed!!! Have even more fun! xJ

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