Auckland Reflections

We’re very lucky to have found a berth in Orakei marina and we can stay here for the season. It’s not easy to find a space in Auckland, especially for a catamaran… It means we can travel and leave the boat here. But before we go South there are lots of boat jobs to get on with (mainly maintenance). The boys are doing plenty of schoolwork onboard interspersed with trips to various museums. Auckland is great from that perspective. But we miss the tropics. Tyrii said the other day he is really looking forward getting to Fiji and we all are, as soon as the weather allows (which will probably be in May).

Today I took the boys to the Auckland Aquarium. I wasn’t keen on the idea but they insisted and I gave in. I couldn’t help but feel very very sorry for those beautiful sharks, stingrays, turtles and penguins. Stuck behind glass in a relatively small space. They should be in the ocean and roam free. It somehow feels very wrong. I know we are very lucky to have seen all the above in the wild and not everyone has a chance to do so. But still.

It’s interesting being in Auckland. It’s been great catching up and spending time with old friends. Everyone has been extremely generous. It’s funny falling back into the conversations we used to be part of: house prices (they are extremely high and keep rising here in Auckland), school fees, promotions at work, etc. It feels very strange to talk about those things again. I guess we have changed a lot already having been away for nearly two years. One day we will have to go back to work too and I’m not sure how we will cope! I hope we have a few more years yet and I plan to treasure every moment of this amazing experience.

Next week the boys and I are off to Thailand for a week to see my parents who are on holiday there. I can’t wait to see them. It’s been nearly two years and a catch up is long overdue. And I guess that’s the hardest part of our trip. People often ask me if I miss our old home. I don’t. I miss friends and family and being on the other side of the world means we can’t just hop back that easily. So Thailand being ‘only’ halfway is a good solution!


Rangitoto Island, the most recent volcanic island near Auckland, seen from North Head 


At the Auckland Maritime Museum


Boys in the cockpit at the Auckland Museum


Auckland skyline seen from Mount Eden, another volcanic cone

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