NZ road trip (part 3)

From Fiordland we drive to the southern tip of NZ and hop on the ferry from Bluff to Stewart island. The Foveaux strait is notoriously rough and in “the roaring forties” but today all is calm and the crossing is very smooth. Stewart island is a special place with a strong Scottish heritage and its main town is called Oban. It’s St Patrick’s day when we arrive so we feel obliged to have Guinness for lunch accompanied with local oysters and crayfish. Delicious!

Ninety seven percent of Stewart island is national park and there’s an 11-day long walking track all along the top of the island. We go for a couple of shorter walks, spend time on the beach in Lee bay and take a trip to nearby Ulva island. We’re in love with this place and could easily spend more time here …

Roadsign in Bluff , 46 degrees latitude!

On the ferry from Bluff to Stewart island

Halfmoon bay, Stewart island

Oban waterfront

Lee bay

Dam building works

Sand sculptures

Giant tangle

Butterfield beach

Sunrise over Halfmoon bay

Water taxis waiting to take people to Ulva

The jetty on Ulva island

Tree swinging

Trees on the beach in Sydney cove, Ulva island

Great walking tracks through the forest

Boulder beach, Ulva island

West End beach

strong boys!

The perfect toadstool

Kiwi alert

The local phonebox


One thought on “NZ road trip (part 3)

  1. Going to say a far cry from Taynuilt, but not so far with Oban down the road!. Lovely photos, enjoying reading about your travels.
    From Jean from Oban

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