Out of the water 

Yesterday was a big day for Rehua: annual haul out. She will be getting new antifouling  as well as a general checkup of rudders, bearings, thru hull fittings, rigging, etc.

Tyrii and Seathan sailed the 15 nautical miles from Orakei to Gulf Harbour marina while Aeneas and I drove the car up. Everything went smooth and haul out was one slick operation. In the evening the kids and I took the commuter ferry back to Auckland. It’s not that much fun living on a boat that is on the hard as you can’t use sinks or toilets and there is a lot of dust, paint smells and noise. Mark and Michelle are putting us up and have even arranged for the kids to go to school for a few days, starting tomorrow. They are very excited, and so am I 😉

Rehua leaving Orakei marina on Monday morning

the crane is ready as Rehua approaches

into the loading bay

lift up

shellfish anyone?

quick bottom wash

moving her to her spot on the hard

few crates and poles are holding her up now

we catch the ferry back to Auckland


Happy Birthday Tyrii! I can’t believe how time flies … We had a great party yesterday afternoon and were lucky enough to have use of the marina office facilities as we had 15 kids and 14 adults over for a bbq and some birthday cake 🎂 


NZ road trip (part 6)

Home sweet home! It’s good to be back on Rehua after having been away for more than a month. On our way up we stopped in Dawson Falls to admire Mt Taranaki (aka Mt Egmont) and in Coromandel. The weather stayed favourable and the roads were pretty clear as we avoided the Easter traffic before heading into Auckland. Now it’s back to work and back to school! We need a few weeks to get the boat ready before we leave for Fiji …

overview of our roadtrip by Tyrii


Mt Taranaki aka Mt Egmont


the goblin forest


Wilkies pools near Dawson falls


the road to Coromandel town


Driving Creek railway in Coromandel


view over Coromandel town and the Hauraki gulf