New Zealand to Fiji, Skip’s take.

Six months in New Zealand and we are chafing at the bit to head north, we are in a holding pattern, floating at sea level waiting for Huey to relent, just a smidge, the birds have left on the front of the last high, we just weren’t ready. The departure is dictated by the lows that roll through from the Tasman which in turn is fed by the Southern Ocean and various other elements that we will blame on the size and position of Australia! Below is the current situation wind wise, the big pink jelly is bad news and will travel east fairly quickly, the issue is his big brother is on his heels.Southern Pacific wind 21_05_2016

Okay that’s not so bad I hear you say, yes we have had worse but the wind is only 1/3 of the issue, posted below is the wave situation for the same cell, 10-11 meter seas are not on our to do list.Southern Pacific waves 21_05_2016

After justifying our residency status it’s only fair I share some trivia..below is a picture of two purchases out of Japan, one totally reliable, the other not so, can you pick the winner?IMG_20160521_105023

Yes, we have bitten the bullet, pulled the trigger, splashed out on a new outboard, can’t wait, all that time freed up to work on the other boat problems, Oh and the dingy is gone also, sorry old girl but I’m sure you will love your new home as we have loved you, Thanks Paul 🙂

So while we wait lets have a few leaving parties, thanks to all of our Auckland friends who have made our stopover too much fun. The calorie shift from land to boat has been notable. IMG_5694

Time to stick my head out of the boat and sniff the breeze again, we hope to be mobile by the middle of next week, can’t wait!

Neither can the crowd above 😉


💦We’re back in the water and it feels good ! There are a few more jobs to do before we are ready to go. We started provisioning and organising the boat… and the kids are already looking forward to turquoise water 🌴