Ready. Steady. Go!

Finally there is a weather window and we are soooo ready to go. New Zealand has been great but it is getting really cold now. Our new dinghy arrived today as did a new code zero sail. The boat is stocked up and the crew well rested. The customs officers are scheduled to come and see us in Orakei marina tomorrow morning to check us out of NZ and then we will be good to go!

There are no more low fronts on the weather forecast but there is a saying that in the Southern Hemisphere it is not just the lows one should be avoiding… beware of the highs! And there is a high coming our way as we will be approaching Fiji so we will try and go east as much as possible to then ride in on the back of that high. If the forecast changes our plan B is to stop in Tonga (which is further east than Fiji). There’s also a possibility we might stop in Minerva reef, but at the moment are not planning to do so. Anyway, we will try and update on progress as long as the sat phone cooperates! The distance from Auckland to Savusavu in Fiji is about 1400 nautical miles so if we go direct and don’t stop in Minerva reef it should take us 8 to 10 days.

Can’t wait to jump into that warm turquoise water 🌴🏊

PS check out our video link if you haven’t done so recently; we posted some new videos in the last few weeks 📽

2 thoughts on “Ready. Steady. Go!

  1. Safe travels, we hope you have a great passage. We’re staying for the winter, still lots of boat jobs. Love your new AB. May see you somewhere down the way. Fair winds, Mark & Sue

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