Never wear socks on a boat…

We left Auckland yesterday under brilliant sunshine and anchored in Oneroa bay, Waiheke for the night. We planned to lift anchor early this morning to sail to Opua. But things often don’t go as planned when you are on a boat. Last night Seathan slipped down the steps into the galley and broke three ribs. It was cold so we both had socks on… Never a clever idea on a boat. We had no option but to return to Auckland today. We’re very lucky to have local sailing legend Richard as a friend (he’s the one who arranged a berth for us in Orakei marina, many months ago). When we rang Richard this morning to check whether we could come back to Orakei he immediately offered to help take the boat in. Seathan literally can’t move but somehow managed to park the boat and Richard was waiting on the dock to help us with the lines.

So what happens next? Looks like we are stuck here for at least another 6 to 8 weeks (that’s how long it takes for broken ribs to heal) and then everything will depend on the weather. It’s getting cold here and we want to be in Fiji but that’s not going to happen now for a while. So we’ll have to make some alternative arrangements and make the most of staying in NZ for a bit longer. We also have a visa issue to deal with… 

So not a great day on Rehua ☹️ 

4 thoughts on “Never wear socks on a boat…

  1. Horrible the way things can turn around so fast – and as you say the visa and the bureaucracy – suddenly it becomes a grind – thinking about you all here James

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