The waiting game

It’s been a week and a half since the accident and we’re back in Auckland waiting for Seathan’s broken ribs to heal. One week later and there is a lot of improvement. We went for a big walk yesterday all the way from Orakei marina to the Auckland museum. However, it will be a couple of weeks yet before a full recovery. We try and make the most of our extra time in a big city with plenty of culture and other activities on offer. So far we’ve been to MOTAT (museum of transport and technology ), the Auckland museum, the Olympic swimming pool, the maritime museum, the sky tower,… And of course we’ve been getting on with school work too ! We no longer have a car but Uber and scooters get us around town. Shopping hasn’t been necessary as we had so many provisions onboard and then I discovered that countdown (the local supermarket chain) offer online shopping with delivery. I tried it today and it was brilliant. Two friendly Fijian guys delivered all our shopping directly to the boat (they even brought it down the pontoon). What a service (just like Ocado back in London …)! 

So we’re fine … just waiting until we can go. The visa situation is a bit more complicated but not a huge issue. We’ve been in touch with immigration and they are understanding of our situation.

Meanwhile all our friend boats have left and are on their way to Fiji and Vanuatu. We’re tracking them and Seathan is trying the help with weather routing where possible. There was some sad news yesterday: a 20-metre yacht called S/v Platino with 5 crew onboard lost its rigging and one of their crew died, another was lost overboard 550km north of New Zealand. The rescue operation was fast to respond and the 3 remaining crew were picked up by a tanker. We subsequently found out that the person who died was Nick from Brin Wilson in Gulf Harbour, Seathan spent a month working with him on the boat. We will remember him as a great big hearted guy willing to help us out with his expertise and can-do attitude. Very sad news. Our thoughts are with Nick’s wife and family. 

Orakei marina: our home for another few weeks

lunch with a view

view from the skytower, Orakei marina in the distance

MOTAT, museum of transport and technology


big planes at MOTAT

at the maritime museum

the Auckland museum

2 thoughts on “The waiting game

  1. We had heard about the sudden 75 knot wind that knocked down Platino and are so very sorry to know that you were acquainted with the sailor who lost his life. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family, and we are praying they find the missing sailor soon. A very somber reminder about what can happen in an instant.
    Glad Seathan is healing and we hope you’re on your way to warmer weather before too long.

    • Yes such horrible news… Glad we are safely in port and hopefully we’ll get a very nice weather window as reward for all those delays … Fingers crossed. Enjoy your last few days in the US … I guess you just me heading back to GG soon ? Xxx

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