24 Hrs

Position 34 42S 175 36E
SOG 6-8knts
COG 350T
Wind NE backing N
Sea state 3-4mtrs ESE messy but manageable
Pressure 1024mb falling
Its been a slow start out of Auckland, tides were fickle between Great and Little Barrier last night and we lost some miles, who cares! Its lumpy out here but we knew that, its going to get a lot worse tonight as we get hit by the predicted Northerly which will be carrying 25-35knts with poor vis and lotsa wet stuff, yeehah…..Hello Fiji Air, yes four tickets……
Boys are bored Audrie is in sleep mode although she did a great shift last night to let the driver have a break.
Decisions, decisions, to run off east or bash into it tonight we’ll see how bad it gets. Someone has choked our sailmail inbox with 100kb of mail come on who was it????? So we may be able to send but not receive for some time!!
Di, if you see it differently please shout 🙂 LOUD!
thats all folks,

3 thoughts on “24 Hrs

  1. Great to see you got away from Auckland ok. We will watch your travels.
    Kind regards
    Geoff Williamson and the team at Mission Bay Dental

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