Position 33 17S 177 38E
SOG 9-10knts
COG 020T
Wind SW 20-30knts
Sea state 3-4mtrs E and N and SW
Pressure 1015mb stable
What a night followed by the morning from hell, we hit the predicted Northerlies early yesterday and sailed the knock until it became to hard to take the course back into Kaitia, at 1500hrs we threw a tack onto port and continued to lift onto a reasonable course 45 degrees off the Fiji rhumb line. (don’t those two words go well together!)
This morning the wind had built to 30-35 as predicted with a shocker of a new swell on top of the old easterly, it then continued to build and finally topped out 4 hours later at 43 knts; going to windward in a cat gets tough at this point, some top mark skills were used as we still had a double reefed main and half a genoa up, feathering was the order of the day, just when it was looking like a “heave to” rather than run off situation, the rain came, like a 43 knt runaway liquid wall, as we drove through it flattened the the rogue sheep and dropped the vis so we couldn’t see the front of the boat, but the shift came with it; backed and backed right into the SW, this was the biggest get of of jail free card we have ever received, to say it was a tense morning would be an understatement, but the SW change came a few hours early thankyou HUEY….
So after a very inauspicious start 140nm day yesterday (Cats to windward Tch Tch) we should start to knock some latitude on the head today.
Today was the first time we have ever shipped solid water from stem to stern…….. the windows held 🙂 Happy days indeed,
Seathan Audrie and the boys

4 thoughts on “Jailbreak

  1. sounds like a very rough night, even tho I don’t speak “nautical sailorese” !! Glad you are all ok… When things calm down, can you translate the story above into “landlubber”? 🙂

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