Bungeed to Nth Cape

Position 30 47S 178 23E
SOG 8-15knts
COG 008T
Wind SW 20-27knts
Sea state 3mtrs SW
Pressure 1020mb stable
Were sailing as fast as we can, almost, but every time I mark our position were still over the top of NZ what gives? I checked the stern for a line or bungee cord but nope were free, I guess its just a long way! The conditions are nigh on perfect today, breeze, sun (albeit still bloody freezing)and the boat is heading in the right direction. Not much to report everybodies back on form after a couple of hiccoughs yesterday, buckets were shipped fore and aft as the afflicted were tended to, today its back to the cookie cupboard like a couple of bears out of hibernation, great to see!
Tonight we will cross the magical (to us) 30 degrees south line, it means more to us than the equator ever did, things change at 30, the sea comes alive again the colours change, and the temperature starts to creep back up, so that means fishing tonight, yeah, we are are hanging out for some $70 a kilo fish, gratis, the wasabi and ginger are waiting.
If you want to send a message use the “ZJL8043@sailmail.com” address as the other is out of order. Standard rules, no piccys, fancy headers or drivel!

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