Halfway…..with poetry.

Position 27 59S 179 19E
SOG 8-9 knts
COG 018T
Wind WSW 25-30knts
Sea state 4 mtrs, WSW steep and breaking
Pressure 1020mb stable
600 down 600 to go, “cannons to the left cannons to the right onward rode the 600” not sure about the analogy there but hey some of these waves sound like cannons when they hit us, the sailing today is exhilarating, steady 8-9knts but great surfing into the mid teens. We have Minerva reef directly in our path 250nm up the track and are trying to tighten our course to stay West of it but the sea-state is slapping us around like a matchbox on steroids.
The sun is out and were chomping the miles a quick calc tells me at this rate we will be on the hook in 3 days, Ha Ha best laid plans…we’ll see!
Boys have invented an alarming new game where they jump into midair as we drop off the back of a wave and the cabin sole disappears from under them, someone’s going to get hurt, but daddy its just like floating in space……RIGHT! School with buckets……. NO WAY!
Boat behaving like a thoroughbred long may it last.
The SSB with the pactor modem is firing on eight cylinders this morning the emails are flying out, why did we pay for all that satellite time???? Rehua surfing by.

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