Home Run.

Date 20-07-16 NZST
Position 18 45S 179 04E
SOG 8+ knts
COG 000T
Wind S 10-14knts T
Sea state 1m on the beam mtrs
Pressure 1018mb stable
Last night was pretty variable, wind backed round to the ESE and the new seaway kept the boat rocking and rolling, coupled with some rather large and aggresive squalls it was a busy evening, the moon was full and while we weren’t in the rain the sea was beautiful as the moon set this morning darkness descended and low and behold in the West a rainbow, incredible a silver rainbow from the moonlight stunning and something I have never seen before. I know I know photos or it never happened, truth, there was no way to stabilize the camera for that length of exposure, I’ll paint you a picture.
We have decided on a night approach and the numbers say sometime around 0100hrs we should be dropping the hook, lets hope the Fijians have paid their electricity bill!! We are romping along 8knts + with 120nm to cover.
Till then.
Rehua out.

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