Fun on the SUP

We love our inflatable boards! 🌴⚓️🏄🏻


Waya island

We're still in the Yasawas and stopped off at Waya island. This stunning island reminds us of the Marquesas and even Bora Bora with its rugged hills, beautiful beaches and lagoons. Waya has natural springs that percolate up through the volcanic rock. So no water restrictions here and that is also the reason it has been settled for … Continue reading Waya island

Rainy days

The last few days have been very wet... So we stayed put in Musket Cove. There's not much point trying to find a new lagoon or anchorage when the reefs aren't clearly visible. Fiji is scattered with numerous reefs and corals and it is impossible to make an approach when you can't see through the … Continue reading Rainy days