Rainy days

The last few days have been very wet… So we stayed put in Musket Cove. There’s not much point trying to find a new lagoon or anchorage when the reefs aren’t clearly visible. Fiji is scattered with numerous reefs and corals and it is impossible to make an approach when you can’t see through the water. The charts in Fiji are notoriously inaccurate and many boats have ended up on a reef here. Not something we want to risk! 

The boys have no complaints. There is a lot of motivation to finish school as quickly as possible in the morning and head to shore. There are two other kid boats to hang out with and also some kids who are holidaying in the resort. They have been invited to participate in daily kids activities including several art and craft sessions and have made little sailing boats out of coconuts and palm leaves, shell necklaces and palm leave baskets. And of course there have also been daily dips in the pool (never mind the rain, it’s still warm anyway) and sandcastle building at low tide.

I do feel sorry for the holiday makers who are here for just one week and so far had 5 days of non stop rain and cloud… We don’t mind a little pause from the sunshine.  Our new rain catcher system works a treat and our water tanks are full to the brim in no time. Our boat is cozy and dry and this definitely still beats the Auckland rain! 🌴💦😎

swimming in the rain

coconut boats, with the boys from s/v Perry

float test

at the island bar, where’s the beer ?

the island bar not looking very tropical

this was what it looked like a few days ago

6 thoughts on “Rainy days

  1. G’day Rehua from Bendigo. Great to meet you guys in Musket Cove. Looks like we departed at a good time to leave the rain. Looks like it is still warm enough though. Landed in Bendigo with 1 degree celcius. Hasn’t got above 12 degrees yet.
    Sebastian will be wrapped that he will be able to follow Tyrii and Aeneas’ blog. He really enjoyed their company.
    Michael, Amelie, Sebastian and Kate (MASK)

    • Hi guys! Great to hear from you! Yes you were lucky with the weather, last 5 days have been non stop rain … Check out the kids only page , Tyrii did an update this morning

  2. Seathan. I think I have just sighted Rehua on the hook at Denarau. I’m on the Yasawa flyer to Nanuya and will be there till next Friday. Let me know if this is you and if we might catch up for a couple of innings of cricket. Cheers Pat

    • Hi Pat! Yes that is us! We are here for one night only to pick up solar panel . In the Rhumba bar right now watching Fiji play Olympic sevens final. Seathan is contactable on his usual email, don’t think he has whatsapp set up yet here but will ask him to do so . Hope to catch up soon ! Audrie

  3. I just arrived in Nanuya resort Boat house), at the “rampetamper” with Frits, Lynda & Ziggy, drinking (again) to Fiji gold medal. I will stay here or around for a week or so. You can reach me on 8034783, Pat
    your call for toss

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