The sun is back and after a final day by the pool followed by a BBQ at the island bar we said goodbye to Musket Cove on Thursday morning. After nearly two fun weeks on the island we were ready to move and go explore some new places. On our way out we passed Google founder Larry Page’s yacht with all the toys onboard. 

bye bye Musket Cove! We had a fun couple of weeks

google founder Larry Page’s yacht in Musket Cove

one of the reefs we sail past on our way out

One of the kid boats we hung out with are heading to Vanuatu today and we will hopefully catch up with them again in a few weeks. Seathan is keeping an eye on the weather and we’ll go as soon as there is another good window. It’s about 500 nautical miles from Lautoka (where we can clear out) to southern Vanuatu. In the meantime we will probably go explore a few more islands in the Yasawa group here in Fiji. 

Right now we are in Denerau, one of the main tourist areas. Handy to pick up some supplies but not really somewhere we want to spend more than one night. 

Port Denerau

We’re really here to collect a replacement solar panel. One of the new flexible panels we had installed in New Zealand unfortunately was faulty and not producing the required output so we’ve been sent a new one. It’s always tricky to get the paperwork sorted and we had to proof we are a yacht in transit and therefore exempt from import duty for items that are part of or fitted onto the boat. Anyway, after various emails and multiple forms the panel was ready for collection in Nadi airport yesterday. We hopped in a taxi and yes it was there waiting for us. In the evening we decided to head into Nadi town. We stopped in one of the recommended local curry places but were a bit disappointed. Perhaps we have been too spoilt in Auckland ! 

Nadi town at dusk

hindu temple in Nadi town

not impressed with his curry

From the anchorage in Denerau we can see the big sleeping giant (referring to the shape of the mountain in the distance). According to Fijian legend people can continue to take things slow (“Fijian time”) until the giant wakes up. Apparently there is no word in Fijan for “tomorrow”. They don’t recognise that kind of urgency.😀

The sleeping giant; when he wakes up Fijian time stops.

view from our anchorage in Port Denerau


installing the new solar panel

This morning we picked up a few supplies and as we walked past the Rhumba bar on our way to the jetty we saw the bar fill up with yachties, local workmen, marina workers and tourists. The rugby sevens were on and Fiji was playing the final against Great Britain. The atmosphere was full of expectation and everyone was cheering loudly every time Fiji scored a try. Seathan was the only GB supporter in the bar and was disappointed GB hadn’t fronted the winning Scottish team.

We saw Fiji win their first gold medal and felt lucky to be there! Well done Fiji 🌴🇫🇯🏉

watching Fiji score its first gold medal in the Rhumba bar in Denerau

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