Just a perfect day

We were very happy to put our feet up that evening after our hike on Waya Island. The problem with being a sailor is that your legs simply don’t get enough exercise and that 3.5-hour climb certainly gave us a good workout. The calm day turned into a windy night with gusts of up to 35 knots. For the first time ever we had to reset anchor as Rehua had started dragging a few hundred metres. Yes, we should have put more chain out before sunset; yes, we had thought about moving to the other side of the bay. But we didn’t… All of a sudden we noticed the wind coming onto the beam, we switched on the instruments and realised we were in 23 metres of water with only 30 metres of chain out (we had anchored in 8 metres). Oops. We were drifting into the open sea, with lots of reefs behind us. Quickly, all hands on deck (Tyrii was an absolute superstar crew), we lifted the anchor and navigated back to our original spot. After successfully resetting the anchor (and letting out a lot more chain) we all happily went to bed. The next morning we left Waya Island and set sail for Malolo Island, about 30 miles away. We were in need of some fresh fruit and veg and also arranged to meet up with Toucan. We left in a lovely breeze and admired the rocks on Waya island we had climbed the day before as we sailed past. A few hours later and the wind totally dropped. We saw a small sandy island in the distance and Aeneas asked if we could stop for a swim and snorkel. Why not! We dropped our anchor in the turquoise water and put on our masks and snorkels. Heaven! But not for long… Soon after we started snorkelling,  a speed boat turned up and dropped a bunch of tourists off on our “private” sand-spit, setting up parasols and chairs. Time to go! We weighed anchor and continued to Malolo island, navigating around the top through the reef system. We arrived in Musket Cove before dark and admired another beautiful sunset from the shore. Just a perfect day…


Waya island and the rocks we climbed


We have a nice breeze and set sail for Malolo island


A few hours later the wind drops completely


We spot a sand-spit with some turquoise water


Perfect lunchtime stop

IMG_1979 (1)

The colours get better as we get closer


anyone for a swim?


Rehua’s lunchtime anchorage


We continue to Malolo island


View from the other side of Malolo


Plenty of reefs to navigate through


Approaching Musket Cove


Another day, another beautiful sunset


The anchorage at Musket Cove




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