Fiji- New Cal day 2

Date 07-09-16 NZST
Position 19 57S 172 59E
SOG 9+ knts
COG 242T
Wind ESE 18knts T
Sea state 2m aft of the beam
Pressure 1016mb stable
0657hrs 42 hours in and the sun is just up, a welcoming sight after a particularly black night. We had squalls through the night nothing too major but they drag us south off our rhumb line and steepen the sea state. Top speed last night 14.8knts:-) average for the last 12 hrs around 9.5knts, so we are halfway and at this rate only 48hrs to run into Port Moselle. GRIBS look good all the way in. The two cabin boys are stirring which means feeding time. One of our engine batteries wouldn’t kick start this morning so will have to get onto solving that later. Bilge time with electrickery, you’ve got to love it.
We are reading up on entry into New Cal and it looks like we can stop in any one of five ports of entry as we all hold EU passports, for now at least!!Thank you Nigel and Boris…… Going fishing….

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