Fiji- New Cal day 3

Date 08-09-16 NZST
Position 21 22S 169 40E
SOG 9+ knts
COG 242T
Wind ESE 20knts T
Sea state 2-3m aft of the beam
Pressure 1020mb

0747hrs The fun and games continue out in the Pacific Agitator, the breeze is great and we are knocking the miles over like skittles but the sea state is just a shocker!(By the way WINDYTY we have 100% cloud cover with wall to wall squalls, just saying, try to lift your game)
We will have posted at least a 220nm day by midday today, as it sits we will be in Port Moselle tomorrow morning 0815, 3 days 20hrs give or take a baguette length, not that we have had a lot of choice, we are surfing whether we like it or not, fortunately, we like!
We are spending most of the day in the cockpit realigning our stomachs after the lurches, crashes and shoulder drops that the old girl is performing to smash her way through this seaway.
Enough whinging, our engine battery issue turned out to be a loose live on the starter motor so no drama there, otherwise the boat is performing to the book. I am curious to dive the hull in New Cal and see if this speed run has stripped the ablative anti-foul back and removed our slime layer.
Had a tete a tete with a 620′ tanker this morning, would have called him on 16 but you try pronouncing “Nganya” three times at 4am! I decided discrection was the better part of valour and laid off 15 degrees to let him through, I’m bloody sure they use us for sport out here;-) Rehua

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