We arrived in New Caledonia, with trepidation after a boisterous crossing , yes the boat was again placed on Ebay and some profanities were passed between Skipper and his nemesis Neptune, but yesterday afternoon we realised that when the girl is properly balanced and the good Oto stops fighting the cross sea everything is possible, mid teens is hard for kids but when it’s the boat that’s suffering the crisis and 5 days turns into 4, I’ll take the 20% saving and put up with the jarring! 

The crossing from Fiji took us 3 days and 20 hours, navigating the reef system from 0300 to arrival was a piece of rock cake, hard but doable with lights and transits that after Fiji were hard to trust.

Can’t  say it was a comfortable ride but hey, we’re here and after a very easy clearing in process we are now sitting in the Marina Moselle restaurant with a steak tartare (normal steak for the kids) and a glass of red wine in front of us. Santé 🍷

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