Baie de Prony

The tranquil bay of Prony is about a half day sail from Nouméa. It is in the far south as they call the southern tip of ‘la grande terre’. We anchored next to a village called Prony which was abandoned in 1911. It was first set up in 1867 to supply timber to Nouméa and later became a convict camp. We landed the dinghy on the red beach (because of the iron in the ground) and went for a walk around the stone ruins dotted around the place and hidden between dense vegetation. Later in the afternoon we weighed anchor and dropped it again a bit further next to îlot Casy, a small island and marine reserve in the middle of this well protected bay. In contrast to the red coloured sand at Prony (which stained our feet and shoes) the sand was white and the setting was stunning and perfect for a quiet and peaceful overnight anchorage: much needed after two hectic days in Nouméa provisioning the boat, sorting out all the formalities before leaving and saying goodbye to our friends. 

leaving Nouméa

entry to the bay of Prony

inside the bay of Prony

rehua back at anchor

old wood transporting tracks

path to the village of Prony

ruins of the store house

cottages abondoned over a 100 years ago

this is where the gun powder was stored

sunrise over ilot Casy

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