The Blue Hole

Santo island has several 'blue holes' - a small lake in the middle of the jungle with a fresh water underground spring. As you can guess from the name the colour is an intense and vibrant blue. We went to look for the blue hole on Malo island, about 2 miles from where we were … Continue reading The Blue Hole

Ratua island

It's a tough life... We are waiting for a small parcel to arrive from the US (replacement part for the transmitter of our outside VHF) and decided to anchor near Ratua private island to get away from town for a few days until it arrives. It's only 9 miles around the corner and stunningly beautiful: … Continue reading Ratua island


Left Lifou early doors yesterday and are now anchored fore and aft in Tanna after a very enjoyable passage, little bit of swell coming in over the point, no matter, got a bit lumpy with tide against wind at the southern corner of the island but we are in a flattish anchorage in Port Resolution. … Continue reading Landfall