Tanna, Vanuatu (2)

Finally some internet, so below are a few photos of the village in Port Resolution, the anchorage and of course the volcano… Also check out our video from the volcano trip on vimeo: https://vimeo.com/186240586

entrance to the bay at Port Resolution, Tanna


entrance seen from the cliffs


Rehua anchored in front of volcano Yasur


local kids coming to say hello


the yacht club at Port Resolution


village girls doing the laundry


beach at the village with some of the local kids


at the base of the volcano


local ceremony to appease ancient spirits


on the rim of the volcano


viewpoint on the ridge

on the rim at the midway viewpoint

puffing and smoking

we were able to get very close

exploding lava and ash

at the lower viewpoint

even more impressive as it gets dark

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