The Blue Hole

Santo island has several ‘blue holes’ – a small lake in the middle of the jungle with a fresh water underground spring. As you can guess from the name the colour is an intense and vibrant blue. We went to look for the blue hole on Malo island, about 2 miles from where we were anchored. We drove the dinghy across the bay and into the river that connects the sea with this particular blue hole. The river got narrower and the jungle more dense as we continued. We spotted several groups of locals swimming or relaxing near the river (it was Sunday). After about a mile the river ended up in a lake and then we found another smaller river leading us to the blue hole (thank you Sel Citron for the hand drawn map!). As we got closer the water became a milky blue. Apparently the mixture of fresh and salt water gives it this intense colouring. It was quite spectacular and we had a refreshing swim in the blue hole. On the way back we spotted more locals lurking in the bushes, almost invisible. For a moment we wondered whether cannibalism really is gone, apparently the last recorded case was as recent as 1969…

River entrance on Malo island

Perfect reflection

Dinghy adventure up the river

Lots of jungle all around us

The river gets narrower

The colour of the water gets more intense

Blue water because of the underground springs

Inside the blue hole

Lots of swallows in and around the blue hole

Amazing colours

Locals are lurking in the trees

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