The big shop

We don’t know how many shops we will find up north so we better stock up here in Vanuatu. Last week we started with ‘phase 1’: non-perishables. We managed to get our shopping delivered right onto the beach so we could transfer everything from there straight into the dinghy and then ferry it across the water to Rehua. We also completed ‘phase 2’: meat (directly from the abattoir in Luganville, pre-frozen and vacuum packed), eggs, potatoes, onions, garlic. Yesterday we finished our provisioning ‘phase 3’: fresh fruit and vegetables. We always leave this until the last minute, on the day we clear out. Luganville has a great fresh market so we are lucky to get plenty of produce. 


 at the LCM supermarket in Luganville


delivery to the beach


it’s not all ours (we shared the delivery trip with Toucan)


then we need to ferry everything into the dinghy and onto Rehua

locals at the market in Luganville

plenty of fruit and veg at the market in Luganville

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