Happy Hogmanay šŸ„‚

We would like to wish everyone a fantastic 2017. May the coming year be full of adventure and happiness; follow your dreams and live every moment.  We will be celebrating with our friend on s/v Perry and s/v Fieldtrip in Rodrick Bay, Florida Islands, Solomon Islands šŸŒ“ 


Honiara, the capital of the Solomon Islands, is not somewhere we wanted to spend too much time. Other cruisers had warned us to be vigilant for both potential theft and for a sudden change in weather which can change the anchorage in a dangerous lee shore very suddenly.  It took a record six attempts to … Continue reading Honiara

Reef Islands, Solomons

The Reef Islands were absolutely gorgeous. We anchored in several spots and visited many villages. This is one of the most remote places we've been to. There's no tourism at all and only a handful of yachts stop here every year. The people were extremely friendly and welcoming and the surroundings just stunning.