Last night we were shaken out of our beds. Around 5am the boat started shaking and our immediate thoughts were that we had started dragging and had hit a reef. All four of us sprinted out of bed and gathered in the cockpit. We were not on a reef and still anchored in exactly the same spot. The boat kept vibrating and shaking for at least one minute. We soon realised it was an earthquake, having felt it once before in Vanuatu. Our two buddy boats had also woken up, lights on. We talked on the VHF to make sure everyone was ok and went back to bed. A few smaller aftershocks followed. It’s amazing you can feel an earthquake in the water.

So anyway: we’re ok! We moved from Santa Ana to the Three Sisters Islands a few days ago. These islands are uninhabited apart from one family. They were subject to some ‘black magic’ long ago and not many locals dare to come here now. That suits us and we’re enjoying the peace and quiet of this anchorage.
VooDoo Rules!

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