After an uneventful and for once peaceful downwind sail, we stood off the SE tip of Guadalcanal for a few hours until daylight and we could distinguish reef from passage. I half expected a (black and white) American destroyer with Robert Mitchum at the con to loom out of the darkness… klaxons screaming.. air-raid, nope, it’s over, and looking at the place you would never know what had transpired here. There’s probably enough rusting hardware under us to throw the local variation out and change our soundings as we sail through, looking at our surroundings it reminds of Tonga uninhabited coastline overgrown with tropical vegetation. And yes, this time there are parrots flying around!

We have anchored between two small islands in Marau Sounds, Marapa and Tavanipupu, one side is village the other a resort. The villagers come out to trade their hard grown vegetables for a tee shirt or some shorts for a naked Picanini, tough life! The other side the villagers paddle across to work in a resort fit for a King and Queen; so much so that Willie and Kate visited in 2012, the owner at the time borrowed heavily from the local bank to upgrade the accommodation for our and their Royals. They stayed for one night and a few months later the bank repossessed the resort and installed their own man, such is life under a Solomon Government.

That’s all for now.


P.S. After our little shakedown the other night the boys have upgraded Earthquakes to Volcano status for sheer power 🙂

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