Banks Islands, Vanuatu 

We left Vanuatu more than a month ago and on our way out, we stopped in the Banks Islands. We sailed past Vanua Lava and spotted twin waterfalls. We headed closer to the shore and searched for some shallow water to anchor in. Soon after, we were welcomed by Kerele in his canoe who invited us ashore to meet his family. We passed a lovely afternoon swimming in the waterfall and meeting Kerele and his family and the next morning we set sail again. Our plan was to head north and east towards the Marshall Islands but the weather didn’t play ball, so, after a few uncomfortable hours, we changed course and headed to the Solomons instead … 

Twin waterfalls

The village next to the waterfalls

We are welcomed by Kerele and his family

At the waterfalls

Refreshing swim and play

Rehua at anchor

Tuna for dinner

The lush and green coastline

Two girls in their canoe

We set sail for the Solomons

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