Reef Islands, Solomons

The Reef Islands were absolutely gorgeous. We anchored in several spots and visited many villages. This is one of the most remote places we’ve been to. There’s no tourism at all and only a handful of yachts stop here every year. The people were extremely friendly and welcoming and the surroundings just stunning. 

After a short daysail from Ndendo, we arrive in the Reef Islands

We find our buddy boats s/v Perry and s/v Fieldtrip

Local canoes welcome us and are curious to meet us

Kids in the village near our first anchoring spot

Girls preparing food

Pigs are a key source of income

Canoes are the main mode of transport

We go for a drift dive with Perry and Fieldtrip

On Saturday we walk to a nearby village to watch a football match, the walk is about an hour through mangroves and jungle

Local kids show us the way

The inter-island football match

The boat kids play in the sand and have an audience watching them

Next day we visit another village

We ‘tok tok’ with chief Chris

The boat kids play while the locals watch them

Chief Chris shows us his carvings

Tyrii amongst the village children

The entire village walks us back to our dinghies

Our dinghies are anchored on the reef in front of the village

Goodbye waves

Some beach time to build a camp

Later in the week , a visit to yet another village

A shipwreck on the reef

How many kids can one fit on one board?

Squid around the boat, or are they aliens ?

We sail to the other side of the lagoon

Eyeball navigation to avoid bommies

We anchor in 2 metres of crystal clear turquoise water

Next to the perfect little desert island

Morning light

Same island, different light at noon

The locals come to play in their canoes

Paddling fast

Rehua against the sunset

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