Santa Ana Island, Solomons

From the Reef Islands we sailed to Santa Ana Island, just off St Cristobal. The two day passage was one of the most uncomfortable crossings on our trip with lots of squalls and an annoying beam-on swell. Our buddy boats Perry and Fieldtrip had similar experiences and just like us were happy to arrive in Santa Ana. We were welcomed by dozens of kids. The village was much bigger than any we visited in the Reef Islands and at least two thirds of the occupants were children. Just imagine the noise as they all swam to our boats during the day to come and hangout in the water off our stern. 

One day we walked to the other side of the island to visit the oldest ‘Kastom’ house in the Solomons, where sacred bones of important ancestors lay stored. Women were not allowed in, only men. There’s plenty of ‘taboo’ traditions still alive in the Solomons, these islands have a strong history of black magic and superstition. Spooky!

One of the many reefs we sailed past, this one was in the middle of some very deep water

We are welcomed by local kids who were fishing on the reef

The reef around Santa Ana, view from the cockpit

A warm welcome, lots of kids everywhere

Local Santa Ana girls

It’s a one hour walk to the other side of the island

Excitement all round when we reach the village on the other side

Girls and women are not allowed near the kastom house and stay behind an imaginary boundary

But the boys are allowed to get close

Inside the ancestors lay buried

Spooky skulls, scary stuff

Many traditional carvings

The second kastom house

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