Tulagi, some history

While we're in Tulagi - waiting for some spare parts to arrive from the US - the boys and I have been brushing up on the history of this fascinating tiny island. Tulagi once was the capital of the Solomon Islands, when it was a British Protectorate. This small island is only 1km by 5km and … Continue reading Tulagi, some history

Earthquakes and Tsunamis

We're anchored in a very calm bay in Tulaghi, 23 miles north of Honiara. This is exactly where all the warships used to come and hide in bad weather during the Pacific War. It's one of the most sheltered bays in the entire Solomon Islands. While Honiara and Roderick Bay had been getting some nasty … Continue reading Earthquakes and Tsunamis

Out of the Water

It can be hard to find a boatyard that can lift out a catamaran once you are in a remote location. And when we heard the yard in Tulagi could lift us, we didn't hesitate and took the opportunity for a quick haul out, in order to do some annual maintenance and replace the shaft-seals.