Christmas Holidays

We spent the Christmas period in Rodrick Bay, Ngella islands together with s/v Fieldtrip and s/v Perry. When we left Honiara and approached this remote island group, with its steep and rugged green hills, it somehow reminded us of the Scottish isles. That is, until we came closer and noticed the palm trees and turquoise lagoons with corals and tropical fish. The weather of course is also nothing like it is back home; it’s still stifling hot and humid although it seems we are slowly getting used to this climate.



Some very impressive fishing boats in Honiara


No wonder there’s not much fish left, we haven’t caught anything yet


Aeneas getting the fishing line in (unfortunately sans fish)

One of the families that live in Rodrick bay had installed three mooring balls for yachts to tie onto (it’s slightly too deep to anchor comfortably). One of the moorings was submerged and Seathan and Mark from Fieldtrip offered to dive to reattach it. The chain at the bottom was attached to coral and then a line from the chain attached to the mooring ball. They ended up having to dive 40 metres.

Johnny and his family were extremely welcoming. They put on a show with welcome dances, music and dinner and invited us to use their ‘facilities’ anytime we wanted: a shaded covered area where it is always cool, a volleyball net and a sandy space to play football or rugby. This was a great hit with the kids and many afternoon play-overs were  had on the beach during the holiday period.


The welcome sign in Rodrick Bay


Johnny’s family welcome us with flowers, dances and dinner


coconut water, such a refreshing drink


with our friends from s/v Perry and s/v Fieldtrip


Boat kids


traditional dance in grass skirts


the youngest boys don’t wear skirts (or anything else for that matter)


and they keep on dancing


Santa managed to find us after all and brought some very cool presents


Homemade holiday decorations, kirigami


volleyball with the local kids


drone shot of Rodrick bay, courtesy of Fieldtrip


droneshot of Rodrick bay, courtesy of Fieldtrip

To start the New Year with some exercise we hiked to the top of the hill, the local kids showing us the way. We were rewarded with some stunning views.


We hiked to the top of the hill and were rewarded with stunning views


Fieldtrip with all the local kids who walked to the top of the hill with us


Sunset view from the cockpit

2 thoughts on “Christmas Holidays

  1. You’ve spent a beautiful New Years period in this peaceful and magic island group.
    Fantastic! Thanks for the many many photos. We received 605 shots in 2016. Top class.
    Congratulations with your 2nd auntship. The baby looks so cute.
    Carpe Diem.
    Kisses and greetings to you all with best wishes for 2017!

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