The Iron Bottom Sound

‘The Iron Bottom Sound’- that is how the water between the Florida Islands and Guadalcanal was renamed after WWII. One of the bloodiest battles of the Pacific War took place here between Japanese and American forces. The name ‘Iron Bottom Sound’ is derived from the 200 odd ships and 700 aircraft that lie within this small stretch of water. These wrecks are one of the reasons why the Solomos are such a popular destination for dive fanatics (stunning underwater fauna and flora is another one).

We visited a couple of wrecks near Tulagi. One was a Japanese destroyer, barely submerged. The other one a US tank landing ship that was struck by a Japanese torpedo in 1943 and broke in two. The stern sank but the bow was towed to Purvis Bay where it still sits.


Off to see some wrecks, with the boys from s/v Perry


Submerged Japanese destroyer


Japanese destroyer



US tank landing ship in Purvis Bay


USS-LST-342 ended up here in 1943 after being torpedoed by the Japanese


US tank landing ship


exploring the shipwreck, it’s huge


the boys in their element


what a huge shipwreck

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