Out of the Water

It can be hard to find a boatyard that can lift out a catamaran once you are in a remote location. And when we heard the yard in Tulagi could lift us, we didn’t hesitate and took the opportunity for a quick haul out, in order to do some annual maintenance and replace the shaft-seals.



2 thoughts on “Out of the Water

  1. I hope your haul-out is a success. I’m eating up your posts on the Solomans because we plan to visit there later this year, on our way north–if we ever get out of this house and back to DV. Hello to the whole Rehua crew, all the best.

    • Hi Mike, great to hear from you guys. Solomons are interesting. Probably the most remote place we’ve been to. People still live a very simple life here. We loved the Reef Islands, not many yachts go there and it was stunning, and the people very friendly. The kids are also very interested in learning about the Pacific War (Tyrii wrote something on the blog today).

      The haul out went well and we’re back in the water.

      Hope all is going well in the US and DV is safe and sound. Hello to you all from the four of us XX

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