Earthquakes and Tsunamis

We’re anchored in a very calm bay in Tulaghi, 23 miles north of Honiara. This is exactly where all the warships used to come and hide in bad weather during the Pacific War. It’s one of the most sheltered bays in the entire Solomon Islands. While Honiara and Roderick Bay had been getting some nasty squalls in the last few days, we had enjoyed very flat water and calm weather with hardly any wind during the squalls. So far so good. Until yesterday, when suddenly, I received a tsunami alert on my phone. There had been (another) massive earthquake (8.4) in Bougainville, a few hundred miles north from here. We were warned to be on alert as a tsunami could hit this area an hour and a bit later around 17.13 local time. Our friends on Fieldtrip where in Honiara and raised anchor to go into deeper water. Just in case. That’s the best way to make sure one is safe during a Tsunami. We looked at the charts and figured that we were pretty safe in this sheltered bay. We were anchored in 20 metres, far enough away from the shore. However, we kept monitoring the situation closely. Five fifteen came and went, nothing happened. The water was as flat as can be, not a ripple. We were still very relieved when the tsunami alert was lifted and enjoyed a lovely calm Sunday evening in Tulagi bay. Phew.


Rehua anchored in Tulagi bay


After the tsunami alert was lifted we enjoyed a very calm evening with beautiful pink sky


View from the cockpit (Raiders Hotel, Tulagi)



One thought on “Earthquakes and Tsunamis

  1. Wow! Just read the post about the impending tsunami. Would have been somewhat scary. I understand what you said about deep water but it would be a brace person to head out into the fray. Anyway great to hear it was okay and that you’re all fine. Keep posting your stories. It’s very interesting. I only just saw your message about not coming south which you sent last September I think. Whoops not very clever on my part. Keep in touch. We’re very embarrassed at the moment about our government and Trump leaving refugees in limbo in virtual concentration camps on Nauru and Manos islands. We should just grow some humanity, bring them to Australia and stop being a world pariah Have you been anywhere near there?
    Ken and Carol from Aus

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