Catalina Wreck Dive

I did my first wreck dive yesterday and it was absolutely awesome! This Catalina aeroplane crashed in 1943 and sits completely intact in 34 metres. It was discovered only a few years ago and still has bullets and everything on it.


Catalina aeroplane wreck from 1943


Lionfish sitting on the wreck


Exploring the wreck


Deco time

2 thoughts on “Catalina Wreck Dive

  1. Wow! Looks like fun. The water looks clear. No nasty surprises then? Have you had diving lessons and is it your gear or was it hired and with a guide. 34 metres is quite deep I would have thought.
    Cheers Ken

    • Hi there ! We have gear on board for emergency anchor retrieval etc. but dont have a compressor. I got my dive ticket last year in the Tuamotus but am not very experienced so went diving with Bob from Raiders who’s an instructor in Tulagi and who knew exactly where to locate the wreck, don’t think we would have found it on our own.

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