Twin Tunnels Dive

Sunday is ‘Funday’ on Rehua and while in Tulagi it would be a shame to miss out on the fabulous dive opportunities here. Bob from Raiders Hotel was so kind to take us all out on his boat and one of his local guys stayed with the kids, who snorkelled for a bit, while we descended to the Twin Tunnels.

The coral bommie featuring these tunnels is approximately 120 metres in diameter and the top of the reef is in 12-16 metres of water. The two tunnels are on the edge of the reef and descend down into a common cavern exiting to the wall at about 40 metres. It was my deepest dive yet and with trepidation I entered the dark void that was the tunnel. Bob had assured me beforehand that it was wide enough and not very long, 16 metres or so, and easy to get out of at the bottom. Still… when I saw the entrance it didn’t look easy or short, I couldn’t even see the exit from above. I struggled a bit going down at first but soon enough got the hang of it. After a while I enjoyed the thrill of descending the tunnel and when I exited to the wall at about 40 metres, I was rewarded with a magnificent view. The reef itself was spectacular in its own right.

After half an hour or so we started making our way back to the boat and had to stay close to the bottom as the strong current made it challenging. But it’s also thanks to these strong currents that this is such an interesting place and they are the reason why so many pelagic fish can be seen here.

After a good 5 minutes decompression time we ascended and clambered back onboard. The kids had been watching our bubbles come up and were happy to see us. We raced back to Tulagi and Aeneas got to steer the boat (Tyrii had had his turn on the way out). What a perfect Sunday morning.


Heading out for a Sunday morning dive


The first of the twin tunnels


Second of the twin tunnels


Descending into the black void


Exit at the bottom of the tunnel


Looking up through the tunnel


Blowing some bubbles


Arty shot


Stunning corals


Great colours


Different shapes


More colours


Driving back to Tulagi


Approaching Tulagi


Arriving back at Raiders


2 thoughts on “Twin Tunnels Dive

  1. Fabulous, unforgettable, amazing…Waw!
    Our love and blessings to the privileged crew of Rehua.
    Greetings from Flanders,

    Bob, Diane, kids and smallchildren.

    ps: Do you have a few pictures of the airplane dive?

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