Kawanishi Seaplane Wreck

Seathan and I did a wreck dive yesterday with Bob and Yvie from Raiders Hotel & Dive. It was another awesome dive. The wreck was a Japanese reconnaissance seaplane, which sunk after an airstrike conducted by the US Navy in 1942. This was before the Marines landed here; nine or so of these seaplanes were moored in a bay just outside Tulagi and all of them went to the bottom. One of the planes now sits in about 30 to 35 metres and is still intact. You can see the seats, the steering wheel, filming equipment, bullets, drink bottles, etc. The corals growing on the wreck were pretty impressive too, featuring stunning colours.

Meanwhile the parts we were waiting for here (the new engine mounts) have all been fitted and Rehua is ready to go again. This was quite a big job and not easy to complete in such a remote location. Seathan is very happy with the result. The shafts are beautifully aligned and the engines are running much more smoothly.

So, where to next? Once the weather permits we will head over to Honiara for a quick provisioning stop and then we will aim for Marovo Lagoon in the Western Province. We hear the diving is pretty amazing there too! But as always, plans are subject to change 😉


Kawanishi seaplane wreck


Filming equipment


pilot’s seat


Yvie and I exploring the wreck


colourful corals


crew’s drink bottles


twin props


crazy colours


action shot


tail of the plane


tail of the plane


filming away


and then a well-deserved post dive beer (with a view)


We’ll miss Tulagi; this has been a great stop

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