Uepi Island Resort

We’ve been anchored in front of Uepi resort since Monday and it’s been wonderful. The resort can’t always accommodate yachties but lucky for us it wasn’t too busy and we were invited to join the other guests for drinks and dinner one night. Delicious food with local ingredients and homegrown veges.

Diving Uepi point was an amazing experience. This area has been a marine reserve for many years and the fish and corals thrive here as a result. Many sharks, turtles, manta rays, … We have too many pictures to post so here’s a selection…

6 thoughts on “Uepi Island Resort

  1. Hi you guys, not sure where you are, did you ever make it to Australia (Melbourne) or are you still to get there?

    • Hi! Great to hear from you . We haven’t been to Australia yet. Currently in the Solomon Islands and not sure yet whether we will head south or North after cyclone season … Xx

  2. Audrie – I was just speaking to Fred C (who is leaving GS today after about 20 years!) and we were talking about you and wondering if you guys were ever coming back! I has a similar conversation with Rebecca F in the lifts in PBC yesterday! So we still remember you and marvel at your exploits. You look like you are having fun.

    XX PC

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