Duke of York Islands

It doesn’t get much better than this: turquoise water, good holding in sand, hardly any canoes bothering us, no crocs, lots of dugongs and turtles, … The Duke of York Islands are a little oasis not far from the bustling town of Kokopo. A great place to rest up, swim, do school and get on … Continue reading Duke of York Islands


We moved from Rabaul to Kokopo, just 10 NM on the other side of the bay, much closer to the shops and easier to finalise our provisioning. We anchored in front of a fancy beach resort with friendly staff who were happy to look after our dinghy which we left on the beach while we hit … Continue reading Kokopo

Solomon Time

We’re still in Munda, taking things slow: Solomon time. Last week, several boats turned up coming from Papua New Guinea (PNG) including two kid boats. And we’ve had a blast together. Every morning all the kids and mums would gather ashore to do school. The resort was happy for us to use their waterfront terrace, … Continue reading Solomon Time