Duke of York Islands

It doesn’t get much better than this: turquoise water, good holding in sand, hardly any canoes bothering us, no crocs, lots of dugongs and turtles, … The Duke of York Islands are a little oasis not far from the bustling town of Kokopo. A great place to rest up, swim, do school and get on with a few boat-jobs.

Now that the dry season has begun we have fewer rain-showers. Seathan bought parts in Kokopo and upgraded our water collection system; the tanks fill up much faster now. Of course we still use our water maker too, but it’s always a bonus to fill up ‘for free’.

We’ve been feasting on all that delicious fruit and veg we bought in Kokopo. Who would have thought that potatoes, lettuce and carrots could be such a treat? We all craved them after not having seen any for many months.

We had also craved some turquoise water. There are no crocs here, so we can swim as much as we want. And there is much to see in the water: cute clownfish, turtles, corals, and … dugongs! Every morning and afternoon they swim around the boat, feeding on sea-grass in the shallow water. They come up to take a breath every so often and graciously slide through the water. There’s one mum and baby pair we’ve seen often. One afternoon, we jumped in to film them but they are rather shy creatures. Still, it’s a privilege to see them.

We’re reluctant to move from here but there are other places to see, things to do…

sunset over Duke of York Islands

Rehua in the sunset

mum and baby dugong

dugong seen from the surface 

rain is coming

cutest clownfish family

sparkling fishes 

evening fishing 

Aeneas fishing 

science project: how does a volcano work?

Kokopo chillies

drying chillies to make hot sauce

local cuties

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