Ninigo life

One evening in Ninigo atoll anchored of the Nth side of Hotum, (isolated and stunning) we were having a campfire on the beach. The stars were out, the new moon was rising and the tide was coming in slowly. The kids were poking the fire and feeding it new branches, which they had collected from … Continue reading Ninigo life

Hermit Islands (extended version)

It took us four days and four nights to sail from Kavieng to the Hermit Islands, with very little wind during the first two days. But we didn't start the engines once, at least not until we had to enter the pass to the lagoon. We have quite a few long distance legs coming up … Continue reading Hermit Islands (extended version)


We are starting to wonder if we have our timing right? Seasonally that is, the wet season should have given way by now and we would expect some drier weather. Last night was unabated wall to wall rain cells, the boat's washed and the tanks are full can we please have some sunshine!! Its been … Continue reading Ninigo.