Kavieng, New Ireland

After a lovely and calm 36-hour sail from the Duke of York Islands, we arrived in Kavieng just before sunset. Kavieng is a medium-sized town with a few shops, a market and one resort on nearby Nusa Island. 

Our main reason for stopping here: internet. We needed some decent 3G coverage to complete all the paperwork for Indonesia. And wow, do they need a lot of information. So far, out of all the countries we visited by boat in the last three years, Indonesia has been the most complicated and demanding in terms of paperwork required to obtain a visa and arrange clearance for the boat. The only upside is that most of the info can be submitted online so at least we don’t have to bother with photocopies. 

Anyway, once that’s all in order, we will look forward to spending a few weeks in two remote atolls:  the Hermit and the Ninigo Islands. 

So if you don’t hear from us for a few weeks, it will be because we are probably having a good time far away from civilisation, internet and Indonesian red tape. 😎

Kavieng sunset

3 thoughts on “Kavieng, New Ireland

  1. So glad you are in beaplaces ! Asia is a tough bureaucracy,have a had a run in when the boat was almost impounded due to lack of paperwork,cross your Is &a cross your ts. Enjoy your journey sherm

  2. ‘Hermit and Ninigo Islands’, that really sounds like the end of the world. Watch not to drop off!
    We plan to visit New Zealand in February.
    Enjoy every day and good luck!
    Kisses and love,
    Bob and Diane

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