Vanimo in a day

Team Rehua was super efficient today. We arrived in Vanimo at dawn, after a two day sail from Ninigo. Before the Indonesian Consulate opened we were already waiting at the gate. Our paperwork had been submitted before we left Kavieng so the only formality left was an interview with the Consul. Once he was satisfied with our reasons for wanting to spend time in Indo, we were told we could pick up our visas at 2pm. We used the time to do a quick shop. To our surprise there was no beer for sale because the elections were on. Beer will be back for sale in four weeks time. What ??? And we would have liked to stock up because buying beer in Indo is not that easy apparently. Anyway. We went back to the boat to put our shopping away and then off to see the Port Authority. Then back to the Consulate and yay our visas were waiting. Quick dash to Customs and the official there was kind enough to also stamp our passports (in addition to handing us our clearing papers), so there was no need to see immigration. Whoop whoop, job done. Now what about that beer ? Well apparently the army could sell us some, so off to the army base and yep they didn’t mind selling us a couple of cases. Result! Finally, some ice cream for the kids, some internet time and everyone’s happy. Off to Biak, Indonesia now!🇮🇩


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