Gone Dutch.

01,18S 136,23E, anchored off Konori Island.
It feels like we were at sea for a week but in reality 5 days if we include the day stopover in Vanimo. The weather broke us on the last two days and we had to motor/sail on and off into light variable Westerlies, where they came from is anybody’s guess, theoretically the wind should be Easterly at this time of year. We lowered the hook yesterday afternoon in ten meters of pristine water and watched the lagoon come alive with double out-rigged canoes, some wielding outboards some paddles, these guys appear affluent in comparison to the poorer PNG cousins, we had ten of so off the back of the boat by sundown……our Indonesian is limited to twenty words from the back of the cruising guide, their English is non existent, so back to semaphore with the five fingered flags. We will cruise the lagoon over the weekend then head for check-in Biak style on Monday morning.
We were loosely in contact with two other boats in Vanimo, they are at the moment MIA, so guys if you are able let us know all is well we are slightly worried?
What’s to worry about in this “Equatorial Aquarium” you may ask, logs is the answer, logs and indeed whole trees at sea, sporting leaves, roots and wildlife, some up to 30 meters long and a meter in diameter, solid hardwood floating just under the surface, most have been washed down one of the many rivers on the mountainous coastline, some have been dropped by the rapacious logging companies as they load their ships for Malaysia and China after stripping this part of the world bare of its wonderful rain-forest. Don’t get me started on the fishing quotas………….!
Anyway the title “Gone Dutch”, we are officially in the “Dutch East Indies”, as they used to be called, land of spice and gold, perhaps the locals still have some Pigeon Dutch we can try tomorrow, we will give it a go, meanwhile we are all back to language classes as six months here without communicating is a no no! Selamat jalan.



One thought on “Gone Dutch.

  1. Logs sound a bit of a worry – too many people as well!
    What are they bartering? or are they wanting some company – checking you out to see if you’re acceptable! suppose you’re used to it all by now… xxxx

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