Biak, a taste of civilisation

It’s quite a shock to be back in civilisation: fun arcades, restaurants, smartphones, haircuts and eye tests; everything is available here. Biak really is just a small town but nonetheless it’s buzzing every night. And everything is very cheap, including the restaurants. You can have a slap-up meal for four for three hundred thousand rupiahs (15 pounds). Although how long we will last on chicken and noodle variations is a debatable point. We did find a fairly civilised hotel one evening and they had steak, prawns, goat, just not available on this night; would sir like chicken and noodles? They also had 7 bottles of beer on the premises, a good start that left the chillie lovers among us rather overheated, nevertheless we were saved as we had smuggled the last couple of bottles of our red wine to the table. Beer is available at 38,000 IDR a can, it’s an expensive business, let’s look again at the wine! We did find some in the supermarket, for sacramental purposes… Another good reason for the non-affiliated to stay in bed on Sunday morning. 😇

Contrary to all cruising reports Seathan has jumped in a taxi with our jerry cans and bought diesel and petrol without any issues, nobody cares and the authorities approve.

We seem to be the only white people around so every time we walk through town everyone wants to say hello and take selfies with us (and especially with the kids). Not many people speak English so we keep practicing and learning words in Indonesian.

From Biak we want to sail to Raja Ampat, an area with over 1,500 islands, famous for its sparkling clear water, diving and natural beauty. We may have to do day-sails only to get there and stop overnight as as there is not only the danger of huge logs but also unmarked floating fishing devices. Depending on how many days it takes, we may stop in Sorong on the way to Raja Ampat. We’ll see where the wind takes us… ⛵️


the fun arcade


the bakery


crazy mad scientist?


getting a haircut


freshly cut


at the phone shop, taking a selfie while we buy a new phone


Dinner with our buddies from Pacha and Rampetamper in one of the hotels in town


the only “wine” we could find in town (and yes it is undrinkable)

6X8A2818 (1)

ready to go sailing again


this is where we are heading next : Raja Ampat! (photo credit:

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